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Bumblebee Jasper Heart Rock

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Bumblebee Jasper Heart Stone (Crystal)

Bumblebee Jasper comes from only one known source near Mount Papandayan, West Java, Indonesia. Its orange, yellow, gray, and black banding make it stand out from other stones. Unlike the name implies, it is not technically a Jasper at all as it contains no quartz. Instead, it is a fibrous calcite formed near the volcanic activity in the region. It has a trigonal crystalline structure with a hardness of seven.

***All Bumble Jasper may contain arsenic*** For this reason, we recommend not regularly handling them and to keep them away from children.***

Energy: Some believe that Bumblebee Jasper can stimulate the solar plexus chakras and that it may free blocked energy.

About our rocks: Each of the rocks on this site (with the exception of tumbles) were hand selected by either Steven or Michelle Marshall. We tend to select pieces that catch our eye and somehow stand out from the others. Perfection is not a goal. We see the imperfections and see natural beauty. Many of the samples we offer have nicks, inclusions, cracks, impurities, and other oddities. We try to describe and disclose to the best of our abilities, but realize you are purchasing a natural piece of the Earth with its own personality, energy, and beautiful imperfections.