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Clear Calcite

Clear Calcite Crystals, Optical Calcite

Size: greater than 1.5" in longest dimension

********Pictured crystals are representative and will not be the exact ones shipped*******

Clear Calcite Crystals form naturally in the shape of a parallelogram because of their underlaying crystalline structure. It is a relatively soft mineral with a hardness of only 3 on the Mohs scale. Many people say this was first discovered in Iceland which is why it is often sold under the name Icelandic Spar. It must have been a very interesting find in ancient times as the mineral would appear to be warm ice. Upon close inspection the mineral displays a slight prism effect leading to small rainbows on the surface or within the stones when exposed to light. Because of the curiosity around the mineral it has been traded for millennia.

Energy: Some believe calcite crystals are able to promote clarity between ones intellect and emotions; boosting emotional intelligence. They are said to promote decisiveness without the feeling of being rushed into decisions. For this reason, it is a recommend for workspaces that can otherwise be filled with polluted or stagnant energy.

About our rocks: Each of the rocks on this site (with the exception of tumbles) were hand selected by either Steven or Michelle Marshall. We tend to select pieces that catch our eye and somehow stand out from the others. Perfection is not a goal. We see the imperfections and see natural beauty. Many of the samples we offer have nicks, inclusions, cracks, impurities, and other oddities. We try to describe and disclose to the best of our abilities, but realize you are purchasing a natural piece of the Earth with its own personality, energy, and beautiful imperfections.